Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Time to Shift Gears

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on
your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will
make your paths straight."

Are you ready to shift gears in your life? If so, it's okay! Have you been grinding in your career for a few years and it's still not going anywhere? Maybe it's time to shift gears and allow God to take over the steering wheel.

Prior to coming to California, I had a career that I didn't like. Yeah, I was making money but the job sucked. I had a 5 bedroom house, a beautiful car, and a closet full of clothes. Some people would say I had it going on, but I didn't. I knew something wasn't right in my life. I was just going through the motions biding my time. It was time to shift gears in my life!! When I moved to Cali, so many people asked how long I was going to stay. My answer “I was going to stay as long as God kept giving me the go ahead". I've been here three and half years and each year there has been a steady growth. When I first came out here, I had no job. My girls and I were staying in a hotel room. Today I have a place and I manage both of my daughters’ careers. Because of how passionate I am about managing my girls, I've had people ask me to manage them. Both my daughters are excelling academically and career wise. I am also currently writing my first screenplay as well as being an inspirational blogger. Right now I don't have any of the material things I once possessed; but I do have a peace and I enjoy what I am doing. There's not a day that goes by where I am not grateful to be alive and following my dreams in HOLLYWOOD.

If you are constantly waking up miserable or you're just going through the years biding your time until they put you 6ft under. If you're at a career that's going know where. In a marriage or relationship that's not growing, it might be time to shift gears. So many people look at shifting gears as giving up. They are not the same! Its okay to say my way is not working let me see what God wants me to do with my life. When we turn over our lives to God and start fulfilling our "personal legions" we are shifting gears.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure to hear this casting director speak. He came to Hollywood to pursue an acting career. After almost two years of not booking any acting gigs he started assisting casting directors to supplement his income. He found he had a knack for casting and loved it; he started picking up more and more casting work and went on less auditions. He was one day blessed to be the casting director of the hit show “Cheers”. Had he not shifted gears he would have lost out on a rewarding career as a casting director.

Another thing you should know is that you are never too old to shift gears. I remember reading about this lady in her 40's. She had been an administrative assistant most of her working years for a director that was not so nice. She always had a knack for picking beautiful gifts and it had always been her desire to have her own gift boutique. Everytime she thought about giving up her job she would get scared. One day at work a huge rat ran across her feet; she gave her two week notice that day. At the time when I read this article, this lady had a million dollar business. She had shifted gears and was blessed for it.

There's someone out their coming up with excuse after excuse of why they can't shift gears. I don't know about you but I like waking up each morning loving who I am and the life I live. If you’re not excited about waking up maybe it’s time you shifted gears!!!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Don't Give Up

Yesterday I went hiking, most days I love to hike and some days it’s torture. From the moment I left home I huffed and puffed and tried coming up with every excuse of why I should not hike. I really had to push through. Some days are like that. I have to dig deep down and find the momentum to finish that darn hike! Sometimes I can hike that mountain in a breeze and some days like yesterday I have to really push through to keep myself from giving up and going back home. I can report to you that I made it to the top of that mountain.

Hiking reminds me of my journey in Hollywood. The storms and excuses come but I push through them. While pushing through I have learned to enjoy the process. During my hike I took a minute to rest and enjoy the view surrounding me. Once on top of that baby I really sat back and enjoyed the amazing view :)

Are you enjoying your journey or are you sitting around being miserable?

The road to fulfilling our dreams, purpose, personal legends, visions or omens whatever you want to call it. The journey in fulfilling your dream is sometimes hard. Whatever you do don't give up. I think it would be harder to live with should of, could of and would of or the two words I hate the most I CAN'T. Following your dreams is a lot easier then living with regrets. I look at it this way I have nothing to lose so I might as well follow my dreams.

Now that I've said all of this I have to go I have a screenplay to finish writing. What's the worst that can happen? I complete it even get the money to film it myself. There's a chance that know one would want to see it; at least I would be able to say I did it and that's far more better than living with should of, could of, would of and I CAN'T.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Praise YOU

Shekinah Glory Ministry “Praise is what I do When I want to be close to You,
I lift my hands in praise. Praise is who I am, I will praise Him while I can.
I'll bless Him at all times.”

This week's blog is all about praising you Lord.

I am able to write this blog so that means I have my mind, hands and sight. Someone woke up this morning without these things.

There are millions losing their jobs; I praise you Lord because I am able to receive unemployment.

There are millions losing their homes; I praise you Father for the roof over my head.

There are some who have lost their cars; I praise you Lord because I have my feet to walk.

There is a couple that lost their child or can’t have a child; I praise you Lord for the two beautiful girls you have blessed me with.

There is a child who lost their parent today; I praise you Lord because I am able to call my mother and father.

There is someone who is all alone right now; I praise you Lord for the family and friends in my life.

There is someone out there that has settled: I praise you Lord for giving me the courage to follow my dreams.

There are some who have to turned to alcohol, drugs or man to find comfort; I praise you Lord for showing me how to find comfort in you.

There are men and women that have to sleep around to feel validated; I praise you Lord for showing me how to love myself.

There is someone out there that doesn’t know the Lord; I praise you Lord because each morning when I wake up I fall in love with you again and again. I PRAISE YOU

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Get it together!!!

Titus 1:10 -13 (I suggest you read the whole book to really understand what Paul was writing to Titus) For there are many rebellious people, mere talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision group. 11They must be silenced, because they are ruining whole households by teaching things they ought not to teach—and that for the sake of dishonest gain. 12Even one of their own prophets has said, "Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons."

Mohandas Gandhi “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. “

Last week God lead me to read Titus. The same thing Paul wrote Titus about still exist today; greedy Pastors, priest that are molesting our young boys, bishops beating their wives and whores who stand amongst us acting like they do no wrong. All this is going on in the churches.

Each religion proclaiming to know the truth. How do you create chaos, hate, jealousy, evil, and confusion? You do this by separation. By having so many different religions I would say it has caused strife amongst God’s people. Because of this separation you have God’s children at each others throat. If everyone is walking around judging and casting stones but not looking at their own individual walk; how can we possibly spread LOVE?

Wake up children of God. I’m at church and I’m being fed from the teaching, the sermon is awesome. The Pastor is talking about walking in faith and not being lead by fear. Can I get an Amen! Then all of sudden the teaching abruptly stops. The pastor stopped dead in the middle of his teaching and said he would have to finish next week because his video tapping for TV had ran out of a time. It looks to me so many churches are concerned about numbers and tv ratings then spreading God’s word.

I find a lump in my breast. I inbox my pastor to see if I can set-up an appointment for prayer. He never replies back to me. I see him on facebook all the time so why can’t he schedule prayer time with me. Maybe it’s because he’s to busy socializing with his celebrity members to care about little ole me. On the flipside you have members attending a prestigious church because it looks good on their resume or you have someone attending because they know that top executive or celebrities attend this church. They attending thinking that if I get in good, I might just get hooked up. If you’re doing God’s will He will hook you up.

This is just a tidbit of the nonsense I have encountered when attending someone's church. The next time you wonder why someone is not attending church; take a look in the mirror and ask yourself am I just quoting the scriptures or am I actually living the scriptures.

Wake up aren't you tired of seeing the crap that goes on amongst us. Read the book of Titus and let's get it together.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Power of Prayer

Ephesians 6: 11 -12 11Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil's schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Sometimes I think we get so caught up in praying for just material things and forget to pray for continued protection for ourselves and others. Each morning and through out the day, I am constantly praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over myself, my daughters, and for others. Each day the devil is plotting on how he can stop us from fulfilling our purpose and if we are not prayed up, we are walking around blind.

This weekend I was reminded again how important it is to plead the blood of Jesus over our lives for protection. I will get to that reminder after I start from the beginning of how the power of prayer has been passed on from my mother to me.

Now that I have my own daughters I now know that it is because of my mom’s and my grandmother’s prayers that I am still here today. I love giving examples in my blog because this is my spiritual walk and I want to share with you my journey.

As a teenager I was a wild flower; I was always into something. Streets should have been my middle name. I remember one particular night like yesterday. I was about seven months pregnant and there was a group of us on our way to the club. We were all piled up in a cab and I tell you there were at least ten of us; I still don’t know how we all got in that cab. The cab driver was so scared he didn’t have any choice but to take us where we needed to go. As we’re riding a car speeding beside us gets in front of us and the next thing I know there’s a another car behind us shooting at the car in front of us. We were caught in the middle of gunfire! We were only about two blocks away from the club. As the car sped past us to catch up to the car in front of us, we all franticly told the cabby to pull over. We got to the club and started inspecting the car; there were two bullet holes near the gas tank! The angels were with us that night and that’s because my mom was probably home praying for me, as she always did when I had my butt in the streets all hours of the night. This is just one instance I am recalling. I can go on for hours; I have plenty of stories of God’s protection being over me. Maybe now you can understand why I say I am God’s favorite :)

I began recognizing the power of prayer when my oldest was about eight. I had just dropped my daughters off at the daycare and she was so excited because they were going on a swimming trip that day. After leaving my girls, I started feeling really sad all of a sudden and felt like I should turn around and go get my daughter. I didn’t follow my gut to turn back around and get my oldest from daycare, but God put it on my heart to begin praying. I began to pray in tongues, the prayer was just flowing. I didn’t know why I was praying, but I knew I needed to pray for my oldest daughter. After praying, a peace washed over me. A few hours later while at work, I get a call that I need to get to the emergency room ASAP, my oldest was in an accident. When I get to the emergency room I see my daughter’s eye and I wanted to freak. Just above her eye it had been split open and you could see her bone. The doctor came and told me that she was the best in the state of VA. She said that my daughter was lucky because she could have lost her eye. The doctor told me she would stitch her up nicely and that when it healed you would not be able to tell where she had the accident. Today when you look at my daughter you can’t tell that she almost lost her eye. God protected my baby and he touched that doctor’s hands. From that day forward if I don’t pray for anything else I am always asking and thanking God for his protection. My girls will sometimes be asleep and they will feel me anointing them with oil as I plead the blood Jesus over them. 13 years later, and I am still anointing their heads. They are never too old for protection

This weekend my youngest went to visit a friend. I am not one to discriminate based on where a person lives, however the friend she was visiting lives in a very rough area. That day I was lying around trying to read the Bible, but I couldn’t quite focus on the Word so I began to pray. That night I went for a walk and again I prayed, but this time I prayed for protection over myself and my girls. When I got in the house, I text my youngest to make sure she was okay and I began to get ready for bed. Two hours later about 11pm, I get a call and it’s my youngest screaming about girls jumping her and that I needed to come get her. The call ended and I tried to get back in touch with her. My heart dropped because I could not get through on the phone. One of the friends she was with, her mother and I are friends so I called her and couldn’t get her. I’m shaking, I began to do what I knew how to do I began to pray. The girl’s mother calls me and she is 5 minutes away from my house. I finally get another call from my youngest. I’m going to spare the details and get to the gist. My youngest was trying to help a friend from getting jumped by so many girls, and in turn she was jumped by five girls. Four of them held her down while another one repeatedly stomped her in her face. Some adults had finally broken up the assault and had my daughter and her friend wait for us in the rec room. As we’re driving, I take notice of where we are and asked my friend if these were LA projects and she said, “No, we’re in the area they call ‘The Jungle.’” An area in LA known as gang banger territory. We get to the recreational center and my daughter’s face is swollen. I began to thank God because it could’ve been so much worst. I prayed for healing over my daughters face. The next morning, the swelling was just about down and the redness and scrapes were diminishing. Two days later, there is no swelling and the scrapes are nearly healed. What the devil meant for harm to my daughter only made her stronger and that more determined to fulfill what God has put in her to do. So, the next time you’re praying for that car, house, or financial increases don’t forget to pray for protection because you don’t know what lies ahead in your day.

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Friday, July 30, 2010

I am my FATHER’s favorite child!!!!!!!

For months now, I have been professing to anyone who would listen that I am God’s favorite child and if they need me to pray for them I would because My Father hears my prayers because I am His favorite child.

(Monday) This week I truly felt like I was his favorite. Last week I wrote, I wanted to have that NOW Faith. That faith where whatever I asked for (God Willing) would manifest quickly. For weeks prior to writing it, I had been speaking I was going to take my oldest to Vegas for her 21st birthday; as it started getting closer to her birthday it started looking like it was going to be impossible. The day I posted about having NOW faith, I found out my job assignment would be ending in 10 days on July 30th. I didn't sweat it. "I’m excited to see what God has for me after this assignment."

That afternoon I decided to test out my NOW Faith, I called the hotel in Vegas and paid my deposit for a room the week of my daughter’s birthday, knowing I would be out of a job that week. I called my daughter and told her we were going to Vegas. Each morning when I got up, I thanked God for my NOW faith and for allowing me to be his favorite child. Some days go by, and now it’s the Monday of my last week at work. I’m sitting at my desk starting to waver about this Vegas trip and praying to God. "Lord please don’t let me have to tell Babygirl we can’t go." I needed God to show up in a big way. Later on that day, my manager calls me into her office and she tells me that they’re extending my contract until the end of August and possibly into September. She also blessed me with something else, but unfortunately I can’t share that. Just know that God showed favor on me. Vegas here we come

(Wednesday) My oldest daughter who is an actress, singer, and dancer got a call about an audition at Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror fest for the month of October; she had worked for them before. Because it’s an open call, she decided to take her sister. The morning of the audition, I woke up thanked God for the opportunities, and the doors He was opening for myself and my girls. I knew deep down in my heart that my youngest was going to get it because like I said before I’m God’s favorite. Needless to say both girls got it. This was the youngest first audition ever and she nailed it. The Knowles sisters better move over there’s some new siblings in Hollywood.

(Thursday) This week has been filled with blessings My oldest daughter calls me and tells me she has to be on set at Warner Bros that evening. We’re rejoicing! That’s more birthday money!! We have been praying to be able to celebrate the whole month of August because you only turn 21 once! Well, they liked my daughter so much they asked her to come back and film some more Friday. More birthday money!

The very same day at lunch with my coworker, I put it out there that since I am writing a screenplay and I want to be a producer, it’s time I worked behind the scenes on a set. I need some hands on experience, and as a talent manager it doesn’t hurt to know how it all works. We get back to the office, and a hour later she comes to me and asks if I would want to work as an Production Assistant on a web series on Saturday. The only thing is that I wouldn’t get off until about 2am! I don’t have a car right now and I didn’t want to do public transportation that time of morning, so I had to decline. I figure if it was God’s will, it would have worked out. 20 minutes later my coworker comes back over, "If the producer gives you a ride home, would you be able to work?" Of course I said "yes" because it was clear that this was God’s will and once again he was showing me his favoritism.

I see nothing wrong with proclaiming to be God’s favorite. By knowing that I am my Father’s favorite, it helps me to have that extra confidence in speaking what he said was mines into existence, no matter how big or small. Are you acting like God’s favorite or His stepchild? :)

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